Why Choose Charlie academy

Charlie academy is the ONLY Specialised & Awarded Defence Entries Training Institute in delhi

Classroom Training

By Classroom Training of charlie academy allows you to teach the students in a safe, quiet, clean environment, away from the noise and pressures of the work area.

Special lectures

Time to time the Special lectures are organised by charlie academy to improve the skills and knowledge or the students, pay more attention on individual student.

Physical Training

In our core exercises include crunches, sit ups, toe touch, plank, etc. Arm exercises include push ups, chin ups, pull ups, vertical rope and tricep exercises.

Offline & online tests

Charlie academy conduct sample exam tests on regular basis. The exams are conduction both online and offline platform. Online exams, also known as Computer Based Test

Ex-Army Officers as mentor

Our mentors are Ex-Army Officers and Ex. police officers. They create a positive enviornment as like in they lives in their serving period.

Library facility

Our library is the well-equipped to support and facilitate teaching, learning and research programmes of the academy. Well stocked with the latest books and research publications

Leadership & team building

Survival Leadership Activities like Divide the participants into two teams and present them with a survival situation: a plane crash, a shipwreck, lost in the desert.

Unlimited attempts

We provide unlimited attempts for various bharti, examination and tests untill the students got selected for their dream goal

Flexible batch timings

We offers the flexibility to choose easy batch timings. This helps professionals, freshers, and college students to join us and select their time slots as per their convenience.

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Everything You Should Know About physical training and coaching for army and police by us!!